Vila Vicosa
Photographs by David S. Rose
Written by Marilee F. Rose
continued from "Lap of Luxury"
especially beautiful. There is a courtyard that is great for relaxing and using the wi-fi. The pousada is right next door to the Paco Ducal. Taking a tour of the palace is great if you understand Portuguese. No English is spoken on the tour or pictures can be taken. You are also hard pressed to find any books in English. Don’t have any of this stop you from taking the tour. It’s wonderful. There are more copper pots in the kitchen then in any of the mansions in Newport, R.I. We went to the Coach Museum and the armory. But my all time favorite is the hunting museum, which is up the road on the left. The entrance to the hunting museum (which is surrounded by a moat) is inside the castle walls, though a tunnel and is not always open. When we got there we had to wait about ½ hour. You will not be disappointed. You are not allowed to go on your own, and you seem rushed to get through the tour, but what you see is wonderful. I am still talking about the crocodile that they have stuffed in the middle of the floor. I have to say I never imagined them to be so big. There is also no book on the hunting museum, which is a big disappointment. I wish they would publish one because I found this museum to be one of my favorites.