Photographs by David S. Rose
Written by Marilee F. Rose
continued from "Lap of Luxury"
Did I mention the stairs turn as you go up. The third time we stayed we opted for the bedroom in the large double tower, which was very nice. Which room was our favorite, the single tower with the steep stairs, and yes we will request this room again. You are actually sleeping in a castle tower, which makes this very romantic. The restaurant is fantastic and the food wonderful. One of the things that we both fell in love with was a drink called ginjinha, which is served in little chocolate cups, yes I said chocolate cups. Yummy. Every time we go to Obidos we purchase some to bring home. One of the nice things about Obidos is that you get a few choices for dining within walking distance of the pousada if you choose not to eat there. The bad thing is that Obidos is a tourist trap. Just ignore the people and enjoy what you’re seeing. There is a very nice shop that sells beautiful children’s clothes and I always try to bring something home for my granddaughter. The church has some beautiful tiles and paintings that shouldn’t be missed. Walking along the castle walls is a must, but if you have kids, think twice, there are no railings. Obidois is not a place for relaxation, although the pousada has a number of tables and chairs set up on the castle walls for you to have a drink if you wish. One little bit of information that I learned was that when King Dinis married Isabel of Aragon in 1282, Obidos was his wedding present to her. Also Josefa de Obidos (1630-1684) considered to be one of the finest female Portuguese painters has her work displayed in the museum. The drive up to the pousada can be a little frightening. Not the steepness or the fact that there are no railings, but the narrowness of the road makes it a must for turning in you side mirrors unless you want to loose them.