Photographs by David S. Rose
Written by Marilee F. Rose
history of Portugal. Not being Catholic I didn’t understand the significance of the Holy Ghost Fairs that are celebrated around the United States. I didn’t know anything about the food turning to roses or any of the folklore associated with it. Now I was on a mission to learn everything I could, I was hooked and fascinated at the same time. In the square right outside the pousada is a statue of Queen Isabel with roses wrapped in her dress. The last time we were there someone had placed real roses at her feet and it made a beautiful picture. For those of you who were as ignorant of the story behind Queen Isabel I’ll quickly give you a little information. Queen Isabel took food to the poor against her husband’s (King Dinis) wishes and when she was caught by her husband, and he demanded to see what she was hiding in her dress, she showed him and the food had turned to roses. Queen Isabel’s body is in a tomb, (Convent Santa Clara-a-Nova) in Coimbra, encased in gold. We were not allowed to take pictures. The restaurant inside the pousada is very good and one of the best in Portugal. We have stayed in this pousada at least three times and have enjoyed each visit. Across from the pousada is another restaurant that requires mentioning. It is located in the old jail and has fantastic food that is based on the spices brought to Portugal by the invading Moors centuries go. We go to both restaurants while in Estremoz because we can’t choose which one we have to eliminate, so we don’t eliminate either one. Also in the same square, is an art gallery and the local museum. Both are worth seeing.
continued from "Lap of Luxury"