There’s a place in my dreams
I return to,
Familiar and hauntingly sweet.

When the world gets too heavy,
I go there,
To find me the solace I seek.

I remember the days
Of my childhood
With a heartache and joy that run deep.

When I dream of that place,
Gone forever,
My heart breaks with love and I weep.

  by Gail Van Hoesen
 A dream of waking
 Not of sleeping,
 Of times recalled,
 And just for keeping
 In fond memory;
 I savor
 In sweet reverie,
 Its flavor.

  by Gail Van Hoesen
Photographs by David S. Rose
 The paths we take are many;
 Yet just beyond the bend,
 We'll learn their consequences
 When we reach our journey's end. 

  by Gail Van Hoesen
 Hurtling through a tunnel,
 Darkness and night collide.
 Wind, sibilant with whispers,
 Rushes toward the other side.

 Cold, unbodied freedom,
 Remote, yet not alone.
 Ahead, the radiant light,
 The sweet promise of Home.

 by Gail Van Hoesen
In solitude I’ll find you,
In quiet reverie.
The silence that you’ve left behind,
Stirs up old memories

  by Gail Van Hoesen