This exhibition of paper mache sculptures was a tribute to the life of the Portuguese poet,  Fernando Pessoa.
but we did not have the time. The castle still stands, but is in ruins. And we walked around town and some of the architecture is very beautiful. The Pousada Flor da Rosa is a mix of old and modern. Beautiful stone walls and vaulted ceilings. The bedrooms are very modern. They have a beautiful large swimming pool and there is also a place to play. This is a perfect place to relax, although it is within driving distance to Marvao, Portalegre and Castle de Vide. So if you choose not to relax, there’s plenty to see. While we were here we took a quick nap and then drove to Marvo to see the castle and the town. We were not disappointed. It was a sunny day and the views from the castle walls were fabulous. This was our second time in Marvao, the first time, foggy and misting, gave the castle a mysterious look, this time the sun was shining and the gardens beautifully kept. We had dinner at the pousada. I love the fact that most of the restaurants are very good, so having to drive back to where you are staying after sharing a bottle of wine, isn’t considered. If you choose Crato, relax, put your feet up, take a nap, view some art, or explore. You make the choice it’s up to you.
Photographs by David S. Rose
Written by Marilee F. Rose
continued from "Lap of Luxury"
The Gallery at the pousada