Written by Marilee Rose
Photographs by David S. Rose
continued from "Lap of Luxury"
museums I've ever been to for religious art. Make sure you are wearing good walking shoes or take a tuk-tuk up to the museum, it’s very steep. Now back to the Quinta das La’grimas, our room was very nice and the grounds have a story that is very interesting. It’s the story that drew us to the Quinta. Quinta das La’grimas means “Estate of Tears”. This is where Dom Pedro and Ines de Castro used to meet in secret. Dom Pedro was married already when he fell in love with Ines. Pedro’s father the King didn’t like it and had Ines killed in the garden at the Quinta. Once the King died, Pedro, now King, had the body of Ines dug up and placed on the throne. He then had everyone kiss her hand. After that, he found out who had helped in her assassination and had them killed. Both Pedro and Ines are in tombs in the Mosteiro de Alcobaca in Alcobaca. Their tombs, which Pedro had placed “foot to foot” are very ornate and beautiful. It is said that on Judgement Day they will rise and the first thing they see, will be, each other.  
  The Michelin restaurant within the Quinta was wonderful and the food was outstanding. We both hope to return the Quinta in the near future. I still think about the amuse bouche’ that was served and I wonder everyday how to make that little meatball that had the smoky taste of chorico.